General Objectives

  • Develop State specific IEC strategy for new initiatives in water and sanitation.
  • Develop and deliver capacity building activities at various levels.
  • Address the need and priority sustainability in water.
  • Promote and disseminate innovative, appropriate, locally adaptable and eco friendly technologies which may be taken up under rural water supply.
  • Popularize and taken up conventional, innovative and traditional rain water harvesting ground water re-charge and water conservation methods and practices.
  • Undertake action research on various water technologies, practices and methodologies.


Specific Objectives
IEC- Information, Education, Communication

Generic and focused

    • People participation
    • Audit
    • Strategy formulation
    • Ideas sharing
    • Documentation
    • Data collection, analysis
    • Dissemination & Distribution
    • Awareness & Transparency
    • Accountability and Actions
    • Stake holders identification
    • Plan preparation
    • Resource pool and brain storming
    • Survey
    • Publications